Matthew Johnson

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Contact Me

While I do not generally indulge in 'social networking', I am contactable in a large number of ways.


You can email me with, any of the addresses on my PGP key, or my first name For those of you who knew my Cambridge email address, that still works or

Jabber/XMPP/Google Chat

My XMPP handle is, which should work with any XMPP service, including Google Chat. Please note that this is not an email address—which makes Google Chat sometimes unhappy at setting up the initial connection.


While I much prefer using XMPP, I can also be reached on MSN, where my handle is This is also not an email address.


I lurk on several servers. On my nick is felix and I can be found in many channels, but including #srcf.

On OFTC, EFNet and Freenode my nick is mjj29.